Retail products list

We supply a range of British foods in retail packs perfect for supermarkets and independent retailers.
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  • Cheddar and regional cheeses 200g, 350g
  • Margarines and spreads 250g and 500g
  • Butter 250g
  • Lard 250g
  • Cream 170g and 454g


  • Sausages 454g
  • CreamGroupShot_LRCooked prawns
  • Breaded scampi 454g
  • Bacon 350g


  • Christmas puddings 454g
  • Mince Pies
  • Mincemeat in jars

We also carry:

  • Larger format packs for delicatessen sale – 2.5 kilo deli blocks of Cheddar and British territorial cheeses.
  • Convenient small case formats of 8 x 500g Just Like Butter – very handy for smaller stores.
  • Extended life Double Devon Cream and Clotted Cream in 170g glass jars – 10 months’ life

Certain products can be consolidated onto one pallet – please contact us for details.Alcohol free Xmas pudding 2015